Scientific papers

In accordance with its mission to support high level research in Belgium, the University Foundation provides financial support towards the publication in high level international journals of scientific papers which report on research in Belgian research groups. Financial support may be granted to partially cover the costs due by the author for illustrations, for page charges and for article processing fees, and for linguuistic control. 

Because the possible support is restricted to Belgian research groups, the regulations and application procedures are only available in French  and in Dutch.

Articles subsidized by the University Foundation

What follows is a list of articles to which a subsidy was awarded by the University Foundation. The titles are ordered by year of publication and by title.

Gabriël R. Cantaert, Peter Pype, Martin Valcke, and Emelien Lauwerier

Cantaert G.R, Pype P., Valcke M., and Lauwerier E. (2022) Interprofessional Identity in Health and Social Care: Analysis and Synthesis of the Assumptions and Conceptions in the Literature. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, 14799. 

Interprofessional identity (IPI) development is considered essential in reducing incongruency and improving interprofessional collaboration. However, noticeable differences in conceptualizations are being put forward in the literature, hindering interpretation of research findings and translation into practice. Therefore, a Concept Analysis and Critical Interpretative Synthesis of empirical research articles were conducted to explore the assumptions and conceptions of IPI. Independent literature screening by two researchers led to the inclusion and extraction of 39 out of 1334 articles.

Lola Seyll and Alain Content
Seyll, L. and Content, A. (2022) Letter-Like Shape Recognition in Preschool Children: Does Graphomotor Knowledge Contribute? Front. Psychol. 12:726454. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.726454

Based on evidence that learning new characters through handwriting leads to better recognition than learning through typing, some authors proposed that the graphic motor plans acquired through handwriting contribute to recognition. More recently two alternative explanations have been put forward. First, the advantage of handwriting could be due to the perceptual variability that it provides during learning. Second, a recent study suggests that detailed visual analysis might be the source of the advantage of handwriting over typing.

Sébastien Sinaeve, Cécile Husson, Marie-Hélène Antoine, Stéphane Welti, Caroline Stévigny and Joëlle Nortier

Antoine, M.-H.;Welti, S.; Stévigny, C.; Nortier, J. Nephroprotective Effects of Two Ganoderma Species Methanolic Extracts in an In Vitro Model of Cisplatin Induced Tubulotoxicity. J. Fungi 2022, 8, 1002.

Although cisplatin is used as a first-line therapy in many cancers, its nephrotoxicity remains a real problem. Acute kidney injuries induced by cisplatin can cause proximal tubular necrosis, possibly leading to interstitial fibrosis, chronic dysfunction, and finally to a cessation of chemotherapy. There are only a few nephroprotective actions that can help reduce cisplatin nephrotoxicity. This study aims to identify new prophylactic properties with respect to medicinal mushrooms.

Floriano Tori & Vincent Ginis

Tori F. & Ginis V.  Phase space approach to solving higher order differential equations with artificial neural networks. Physical Review Research vol. 4, 043090.

The ability to solve differential equations represents a key step in the modeling and understanding of complex systems. There exist several analytical and numerical methods for solving differential equations, each with their own advantages and limitations. Physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) offer an alternative perspective. Although PINNs deliver promising results, many stones remain unturned about this method. In this paper, we introduce a method that improves the efficiency of PINNs in solving differential equations.

Stijn Vissers, Sigrid Dierickx, Lenzo Robijn, Joachim Cohen, Luc Deliens, Freddy Mortier and Kenneth Chambaere
Vissers, S.; Dierickx, S.; Robijn, L.; Cohen, J.; Deliens, L.;Mortier, F.; Chambaere, K. Physicians’ Experiences and Perceptions of Environmental Factors Affecting Their Practices of Continuous Deep Sedation until Death: A Secondary Qualitative Analysis of an Interview Study. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19, 5472.

As previous research has paid little attention to environmental factors affecting the practice of continuous deep sedation until death (CDS), we aimed to explore these using physicians’ experiences and perceptions.

Sophie Opsomer, Emelien Lauwerier, Jan De Lepeleire and Peter Pype

Opsomer S, Lauwerier E, De Lepeleire J, Pype P. Resilience in advanced cancer caregiving. A systematic review and meta-synthesis. Palliative Medicine. 2022;36(1):44-58. doi:10.1177/02692163211057749

Background: Close relatives provide much of the care to people with cancer. As resilience can shield family caregivers from mental health problems, there has been a burgeoning interest in resilience-promoting interventions. However, the evidence necessary for the development of these interventions is scant and unsynthesized.
Aim: To create an overall picture of evidence on resilience in cancer caregiving by a theory-driven meta-synthesis.
Maxime Bellefroid et al.

Bellefroid M, Rodari A, et al. (2022) Role of the cellular factor CTCF in the regulation of bovine leukemia virus latency and three-dimensional chromatin organization. Nucleic Acids Res. Apr 8;50(6):3190-3202. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkac107. PMID: 35234910; PMCID: PMC8989512.

Bovine leukemia virus (BLV)-induced tumoral development is a multifactorial phenomenon that remains incompletely understood. Here, we highlight the critical role of the cellular CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF) both in the regulation of BLV  transcriptional activities and in the deregulation of the three-dimensional (3D) chromatin architecture surrounding the BLV integration site. We demonstrated the in vivo recruitment of CTCF to three conserved CTCF binding motifs along the provirus.

Bianca SILVA et al.
Silva, B.;  et al. (2022) Safety Culture and the Positive Association of Being a Primary CareTraining Practice during COVID-19: The Results of the Multi-Country European PRICOV-19 Study. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19,10515.
The day-to-day work of primary care (PC) was substantially changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Teaching practices needed to adapt both clinical work and teaching in a way that enabled the teaching process to continue, while maintaining safe and high-quality care. Our study aims to investigate the effect of being a training practice on a number of different outcomes related to the safety culture of PC practices. PRICOV-19 is a multi-country cross-sectional study that researches how PC practices were organized in 38 countries during the pandemic.
Annaëlle Demaude,* Kitty Baert, David Petitjean, Juliette Zveny, Erik Goormaghtigh, Tom Hauffman, Michael J. Gordon, and François Reniers

Demaude, A., Petitjean,  D.,  Zveny, J., Reniers, F.  et al. (2022) Simple and Scalable Chemical Surface Patterning via Direct Deposition from Immobilized Plasma Filaments in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge. Adv. Sci., 2200237. DOI: 10.1002/advs.202200237

In this work, immobilization of the often unwanted filaments in dielectric barrier discharges (DBD) is achieved and used for one-step deposition of patterned coatings. By texturing one of the dielectric surfaces, a discharge containing stationary plasma filaments is ignited in a mix of argon and propargyl methacrylate (PMA) in a reactor operating at atmospheric pressure. From PMA, hydrophobic and hydrophilic chemical and topographical contrasts at sub-millimeter scale are obtained on silicon and glass substrates.

Anne-Sophie Ghyselen, Stefan Grondelaers, Sita Doerga Misier-Patadien, Usha Balesar

Ghyselen, A.-S., Grondelaers, S et al. (2022) Standard language dynamics in postcolonial Suriname Measuring language attitudes and ideologies in Paramaribo. Lingua, Vol. 273, 103340.

This paper reports a large-scale survey into the language attitudes of 485 participants from the Surinamese capital Paramaribo. Suriname is an interesting arena for standard language research, as the country is steeped in multilingualism but regards the Dutch of its former colonizer as its only official language. We elicited evaluations of 10 languages spoken in Suriname in response to label- and audio-based stimuli. Responses were enriched with valence information (pertaining to their  positive/negative character), and subjected to qualitative scrutiny and regression analysis.

Sara Kassas et al.

Kassas S. et al. (2022) Study protocol for an adapted personal project analysis to measure vertical inter‑goal relations on physical activity and diet. BMC Psychology.  10:225

Background: The promotion of multiple healthy lifestyles has been implemented as part of public health efforts to prevent and reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases. However, these interventions have shown a heterogeneity in their effectiveness. The pursuit of multiple daily goals may influence overall progress in achieving health goals. Horizontal inter-goal relations can be conflicting (due to time constraints) or facilitating (due to goal compatibility) and impact progress towards goal achievement.

Servane Bigot 1, Paula Pongrac, Martin Šala, Johannes T. van Elteren, Juan-Pablo Martínez, Stanley Lutts and Muriel Quinet
Bigot, S.; Pongrac, P.; Šala, M.; van Elteren, J.T.; Martínez, J.-P.; Lutts, S.; Quinet, M. The Halophyte Species Solanum chilense Dun. Maintains Its Reproduction despite Sodium Accumulation in Its Floral Organs. Plants 2022, 11, 672. https://

Salinity is a growing global concern that affects the yield of crop species, including tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). Its wild relative Solanum chilense was reported to have halophyte properties. We compared salt resistance of both species during the reproductive phase, with a special focus on sodium localization in the flowers. Plants were exposed to NaCl from the seedling stage. Salinity decreased the number of inflorescences in both species but the number of flowers per inflorescence and sepal length only in S. lycopersicum. External salt supply decreased the stamen length in S.

Arne Vanhoyweghen, Brecht Verbeken, Cathy Macharis & Vincent Ginis

Vanhoyweghen, A., Verbeken, B., Macharis, C. et al. The influence of ergodicity on risk affinity of timed and non-timed respondents. Sci Rep 12, 3744 (2022).

Expected values are the metric most often used to judge human decision-making; when humans make decisions that do not optimize expected values, these decisions are considered irrational. However, while convenient, expected values do not necessarily describe the evolution of an individual after making a series of decisions. This dichotomy lies at the core of ergodicity breaking, where the expected value (ensemble average) differs from the temporal average of one individual.

John Latham-Sprinkle

Sprinkle J.L. (2022) The Late Mamlūk Transition of the 1380s: The View from the North Caucasus. Al-Masāq Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean.

This article argues that the transition between the early and late Mamlūk Sultanate in Egypt in the 1380s was partially caused by political developments in the Northwest Caucasus. The transition from “Turkish” to “Circassian” mamlūk dominance was facilitated by the rise of new princely elites in the Northwest Caucasus during the bulqaq civil wars in the Ulūs of Jochi (Golden Horde) (1359–1381). These new elites justified their rule through their access to the wider Mediterranean world and its material products.

Wouter Van Acker

Van Acker, W. (2022) The Nine Square Grid. The Surviving Image of an Architecture without Content. Joelho, 13.

Directly influenced by Colin Rowe’s essay “Mathematics of the Ideal Villa” (1947) and the Warburgian art historical tradition, John Hejduk’s nine-square grid studio exercise had an ambiguous relation to the instrumentality of architectural history. When the nine-square grid exercise was copied in many architecture schools around the world as a first-year studio project, initiating the novice student in the realm of architectural composition, the pedagogical interpretation of its relation to architectural history varied.