Today's suggestions


The restaurant serves an excellent breakfast and lunch with a varied menu to members and their guests at the University Club. For members, academic associations and scientific organizations, rooms are available for lunch meetings, where the same meals can be served as in the restaurant, with a small charge for the use of the room. The capacity of these rooms varies from 2 to 102 seats. Advance reservation is required.

The restaurant is open from 12 to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. You can choose from the menu of the day, the monthly suggestion, and meals à la carte.

If possible, book one day in advance via or this link.


Menu of the week

Asparagus soup


Guinea-fowl with a creamy sauce, green beans, cherry tomatoes and panfried potatoes

€ 25.00
Suggestion of the Chef

Asparagus Flemish style (+€ 5.00) or

Asparagus with mousseline sauce (+€ 5.00) or

Asparagus with vinaigrette (+€ 5.00) or

Asparagus with mousseline sauce and smoked salmon (+€ 7.00) or

Asparagus with mousseline sauce and smoked ham (+€ 7.00)


Serrano ham with melon


Watermelon salad with green apple and lime


Crown of lamb with fresh herbs, green asparagus, Shimenji mushrooms and watercress (+€ 8.00)


Duo of salmon and gambas with a herbal sauce, broccoli, green asparagus and yellow zucchini with pasta


Quinoa with  grilled vegetables and feta cheese


Misérable pastry with red fruit


Cheese selection of the chef (+€ 5.00)


€ 40.00