Development and Delphi validation of a Best Possible Medication History form

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Camille Hoornaert , Stéphanie Pochet, Sophie Lorent

Hoornaert C, Pochet S, Lorent S. (2022) Development and Delphi validation of a Best Possible Medication History form in Eur J Hosp Pharm Epub. doi:10.1136/ ejhpharm-2021-003095


To develop and validate a standardized Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) form that could be used by clinical pharmacists.
The draft version was presented to a focus group and was adapted following their comments. A three-rounds e-Delphi method was used to validate content, usability and face validity of the BPMH form. We supplemented the quantitative analysis with a qualitative analysis of comments for each Delphi round.
The draft BPMH form contained 23 items grouped into eight tabs. Refinement of these tabs and items by the focus group resulted in 7 tabs and 21 items, which were included in the Delphi survey. The consensus was obtained for all tabs within the second round (p=0.072). Consensus was reached on 76% (16/21) of items in the third round. 20 items were included following the qualitative analysis of the experts’ comments in the third round.
The findings of this study provide data on the content of the BPMH form. This form can be used to help clinical pharmacists to collect a complete and accurate medication list on admission. It could have an impact on inpatient safety and improve inpatient management. Studies with an international e-Delphi should be conducted for wider use.

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