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The various initiatives of the University Foundation are described on this website. For some parts of the website that are not relevant for international visitors there is no English version.



The University Foundation regularly organizes academic activities and cultural activities for its members and other interested parties: lunch debates, evening lectures, visits to art exhibitions, music performances in Bozar, opera in La Monnaie... Most of these activities are organized in French and Dutch, sometimes, but rarely, only in French or only in Dutch. Therefore they are not explicitly mentioned on the English version of the website. The interested reader is referred to the French and the Dutch versions of the website for further information.Read more

In 2022 the University Foundation started a series of panel debates in its new “Speakers' Corner” series, which gives the floor to British speakers and speakers from the EU on UK-EU affairs. In cooperation with TEPSA, the Egmont Institute and the EU-UK Forum, the next debate will be on Wednesday December 13 at 6 pm (followed by a reception) The topic: INSIDE OUT: HOW “GLOBAL” IS THE UK’S FOREIGN AND DEFENSE POLICY AND HOW “GEO-POLITICAL” IS THE EU’S? is discussed by Lord  Ricketts, Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst en Baron Frans van Daele, and the discussion is moderated by Professor Dr Alexander Mattelaer. The debate is followed by a reception.

Participation: 25 €. Registration form.

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The War Heritage Institute and Belspo are organising a conference titled "FAKE, False and Real in Museums, Culture and Society". This activity is supported by the University Foundation.

This congress wants to show and document through lectures, cases and in extenso guided visits the scope of FAKES in heritage and society, from examples in the fields of cultural, historical and artistic heritage conserved in museums and cultural institutions and will treat topics of expertise as Archaeology, Conservation, Archives, Ethnography, Anthropology, History, Paintings and Visual Arts, Palaeontology, Military, Textile and Costume, Fashion, Design, Media & Journalism, Climate Change Research/Data, Scientific Imagery, Heritage Criminology and Law.

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The next Ethical Forum of the University Foundation is devoted to an exchange of views on the possibilities and the threats of AI and in particular ChatGPT for university education and research, with the title

ChatGPT and Co in higher education: to be cheered or feared ? 

The Ethical Forum 2023 will take place on Thursday, December 7, 2023 from 2 to 6 pm, at the University Foundation.
For more information the reader is referred to the EF 2023 website.Read more



Two books which received subsidy for publication from ten the University Foundarion, have received an award.

The book « À la recherche de l’écologie temporelle. Vivre des temps libérés dans les collectifs néo-paysans autogérés : une analyse anthropologique » (author Madeleine Sallustio) was awarded the First Prize as "livre d'écologie politique". For more information on the award click here. For more information on the book, click here

The book "Le jardin anglais. Evolution du goût et passion botanique" (author Nathalie de Harlez) received the Prize Pierre-Joseph Redouté / Histoire 2023,  a Prize awarded every year to the best book on gardens. For more information on the award click here. For more information on the book, click here.

The University Foundation is proud to have contributed to these awards. Read more

Wednesday May 31, 2023 ar 5 pm.: Debate on "The future of the International monetary system" at the occasion of the publication of the book "Robert Triffin: A Life” by Ivo MAES (Prof. UC Louvain). Debate with Eric de Keuleneer (Chair), Ivo Maes (Robert Triffin Chair, Université catholique de Louvain), Jacques de Larosière (former Managing Director of the IMF), Peter Praet (former member of the ECB Executive Board (tbc), Elena Flores (Deputy-Director General, DG ECFIN, European Commission), Francesco Papadia (former Director-General, ECB) . 

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In 2022 the University Foundation started a series of panel debates in its new “Speakers' Corner” series, which gives the floor to British speakers and speakers from EU on UK-EU affairs. The recent activitey took place on May 15, 2023, at 6 pm and dealt with the question  "The UK and the EU in a changing world. Time for a new departure?". Panelists are - Professor Anand Menon (King’s College London), Andy Bounds  (lFinancial Times) and Stefaan De Rynck (Head of the Commission representation in Belgium and former senior adviser to BREXIT negotiator Michel Barnier). Moderator is Paul Adamson, chairman of the UK/EU Forum. Concluding re marks were formulated by Jim Cloos, SG of TEPSA  and Senior Associate Fellow of  the Egmont Institute. This activity was organized in collaboration by the University Foundation, the EU/UK FoundationTEPSA (Trans European Policy Studies Association), and the Egmont Institute.

Debate iollowed by a reception.
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The latest activity of Re-Bel was devoted to the proposal of a federal constituency (circonscription fédérale, federale kieskring). It was held on Wednesday 22 March 2023 from 5 to 7pm at the University Foundation. The introductory panel consisted of Egbert LACHAERT (voorzitter Open VLD), Peter DE ROOVER (fractievoorzitter Kamer N-VA), Anne LAMBELIN (vice-présidente PS), Christian BEHRENDT (ULiège & KU Leuven) and Petra MEIER (UAntwerpen). The conversation was moderated, as usual, by Béatrice DELVAUX (Le Soir) and Karel VERHOEVEN (De Standaard).

This activity was organized in a hybrid format, both live and on line.

More information on the Re-Bel website.Read more


In an official ceremony at the University Foundation on 5 December 2022,  the Fernand Collin Prize for Law was awarded to Dr. Janek Tomasz NOWAK  for his doctoral thesis "Ambtshalve toepassing van EU-recht door de Belgische burgerlijke rechter". The laureate obtained his Ph. D. from the KU Leuven in 2021. The thesis was supervised by Prof. dr. Piet Van Nuffel and Prof. dr. Benoît Allemeersch.Read more

Since 1962, a Fernand Collin Prize for Law has been awarded for scientific works carried out in Flemish universities, first every ten years, and later, from 1982, every two years, as a tribute to Fernand Collin (1897-1990), president of the Kredietbank from 1938 to 1973 and also professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. The administrative organization for the submission of applications and for the work of the jury is taken care of by the University Foundation.
This prestigious prize was reserved for works in Dutch. Since more and more scientific works in the universities in Flanders are written in English, it was decided to organize, in addition to the biennial Fernand Collin Prize for Dutch-language research works (in even years), a biennial Prize for English-language works (in odd years). ) for doctoral works or other research works in legal sciences, realized in the universities in Flanders. This Fernand Collin Prize for English language research works as organized for the first time in 2023.Read more