Plant ecology and evolution

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Plant ecology and evolution.  Royal Botanic Society of Belgium, Brussels.


Plant Ecology and Evolution is an international journal devoted to ecology, phylogenetics and systematics of all ‘plant’ groups in the traditional sense (including algae, cyanobacteria, fungi, myxomycetes), also covering related fields such as comparative and developmental morphology, conservation biology, evolution, phytogeography, pollen and spores, population biology, and vegetation studies. Submissions concerning tropical and subtropical Africa are particularly welcome.

The journal is a continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany, incorporating Systematics and Geography of Plants. It is published by the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium and the Botanic Garden Meise. 

Botanic Garden Meise and Royal Botanical Society of Belgium
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Print ISSN 2032-3913, On-line ISSN 2032-3921