Migration, population growth and development cooperation

Debate on

Migration, population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and development cooperation

(part of the lecture cycle "Traveling with Prof. Louis Baeck in the global village",
organized in cooperation with Prof. Dirk Heremans.)

The debate focusses on migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Western Europe and on its demographic and economic background. How can we explain this background and what are the (alarming) prospects for the future? Would sustainable economic growth contribute to a slow-down of emigration? And can development aid contribute to the acceleration of economic growth? Does immigration apart from costs also result in benefits for Western Europe? And in how far can emigration contribute to the development of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Keynote speaker: Mustapha Nabli, professor emeritus Development Economics, CEO North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies International, former Director World Bank, former Minister of Economic Development and Governor Central Bank of Tunisia, former Presidential Candidate Tunisia

Chair: Lode Berlage, professor emeritus development economics, KU Leuven


Jean-Philippe Platteau, professor emeritus development economics, Université de Namur, author of «Islam Instrumentalized » (2017)

Stephan Parmentier, professor of sociology of crime, law and human rights, KU Leuven

Marijke Verpoorten, professor Development Economics, University of Antwerp.

Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 4:30 – 6.30 PM.

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