The Idea of Economic Constitution in Europe

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Guillaume Grégoire and Xavier Miny (ed.)

Grégoire, G & Miny, X. (ed.) (2022) The Idea of Economic Constitution in Europe. Brill.


Behind the controversies that have marked the history of the idea of Economic Constitution emerges the highly political issue of the room for manoeuvre left to public authorities in the economic sphere. The notion thus encapsulates a fundamental tension: between democracy and rule of law, which model of legal ordering of the economy should prevail?

From physiocrats to neo-liberals, from the Weimar Republic to European integration, from national constitutions to Global Governance, this collective book invites us to explore the genealogy of the controversial concept of Economic Constitution. The result of this interdisciplinary dialogue is a comprehensive reflection on the legal and political issues at stake in the current constitutionalization of the market order in Europe.

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ISBN: 978-90-04-51935-0 (e-book) & ISBN: 978-90-04-51933-6 (hardback)