Elections for the European Parliament in a period of uncertainty

Lunch-debate with prof. Dr. Steven Van Hecke (KU Leuven) and prof. Dr. Mario Télo (ULB).

Introductory talks in English, discussion E/F/N.

Moderator prof. Laurent Van Depoele.

Items discussed:
1. What is the possible new composition of the EP after the disappearance of the British seats and the changed seat distribution, especially taking into account the expected strong turnout of euro-skeptical, populist and even anti-European parties. Will the ALDE group play a more important role thanks to the collaboration with President Macron's "En Marche"? Will these possible changes put an end to the classical power of Christian Democrats (EPP) and Social Democrats (SED)? Does the concept of the "Spitzenkandidaten" remain tenable, taking into account art. 17§7 of the EU Treaty that could theoretically create a clash between the European Council and the EP?
2. How do the main European political formations deal with key issues that will dominate European policy over the next five years: migration, climate and green economy, ecology and social policy, foreign and defense policy, an evolution towards "Several Europe's" (Hanze countries, Visigrad countries ...) and the adjustments of the European radar ....?